When you’re flipping a home, you spend a lot of time considering budgets, market trends and strict deadlines. However, after you’ve perfected the foundation and created the ideal layout for your updated property, it can be tricky to determine where to start when it comes to design choices. 

If you’ve reached the point where your fix and flip home needs some unique and characteristic designs to stand out in a crowded marketplace, here are some current trends leading the way that can help you sell your flipped home in no time. 

Cater To an Indoor/Outdoor Vibe

Since people are spending considerably more time at home these days, it’s crucial that you create spaces within the house that feel as though you’re bringing the outdoors inside. For instance, you can add wall-spanning french or sliding doors between the living room and the backyard patio, allowing people to come and go from one place to the next while barely noticing the transition. Sticking to natural colors for decor and utilizing wood/stone materials instead of constant stainless steel can also enrich the outdoor effect within the home.

Bring Back Color To Replace All the Gray

Neutral or monochromatic tones were trendy for years, but designers believe homebuyers are now seeking out more color instead of dismal gray when perusing homes. Adding soft hues to your fix and flip property can give it a more familial, cozy atmosphere, which was sorely lacking when space-age grays dominated the marketplace. Going back to the indoor/outdoor concept, it’s a sure bet that mild greens, creamy beiges/browns or delicate blues can make a home pop without being too polarizing. 

Brighten the Home With More Natural Light

Staying inside more often has inspired many homeowners to renovate their own households by adding more windows, and new homebuyers are sure to enjoy this trend, too. Natural light infuses a room with a warm glow that simply can’t be imitated by artificial light. 

Use Sturdy Yet Sustainable Materials

Buyers are looking for a home that will not only make their life easier from day to day, but one that will help the environment in the process. When you start searching for materials like kitchen countertops, appliances or fixtures, seek out those that can withstand a lot of human activity while also investing in more eco-friendly concepts. 

A fix and flip property needs to go above and beyond the norm to be sold quickly. If you follow these design trends during your renovation, your flipped home will no doubt make the desired impression when it hits the market.