It does not matter whether you run a business or work for someone else. Professionalism plays a decisive role in your ultimate success. Knowing how to behave in a workplace environment sometimes proves elusive to those just getting their feet wet. Even individuals with years of experience under their belts could benefit from a few pointers. Here are some principles worth keeping in mind every time you head into work.

Remain Polite

No matter how many skills you bring to the table, others won’t want to work with you if you’re unpleasant. Shake hands, look people in the eye, and never interrupt anyone. Show interest in coworkers, and talk about yourself without oversharing. Be mindful of the words you choose. Follow the golden rule by doing unto them as you would have them do unto you.

Stay Humble

To err is human. You’re bound to make a mistake eventually. What’s most important is not that you caused a mess but how you react in its wake. Remind yourself daily that you’re imperfect and always capable of improvement. Repeating this mantra will help you respond better when others bring attention to your failings. Admit your folly, take responsibility for making things right, and verify that others recognize you comprehend what you did wrong.

Communicate Often

Constantly exchanging information concerning work-related matters is imperative. Staying in touch with coworkers and management is sometimes as important as executing tasks. Prevent duplication of efforts by letting others know what you’re doing. When questions arise, share them instead of keeping them to yourself. Your fellow teammates may have the solution you seek. Likewise, provide advice during times they run into trouble.

When composing emails, follow the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you feel insecure about your writing talents, use a plug-in such as Grammarly. Apply proper diction and be mindful you aren’t chewing when answering the phone. 

Go the Extra Mile

Your official job description may state your day ends at a particular hour. If a project must be finished within the hour, stay and complete it. A willingness to perform beyond your duties won’t go unnoticed. Likewise, if you’re the boss of a startup, be the hardest worker present. Others will see your dedication and feel inspired to follow suit.

The professionalism you embody strongly impacts your potential for advancement. Observe these fundamentals, and enjoy better odds of your career rising to the next level.