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Securing financing is crucial for small businesses, providing essential funds for a multitude of purposes, including operational expenses, marketing initiatives, expansion, or simply to bolster working capital. At the heart of many successful small enterprises lies strategic financing—be it through business loans, lines of credit, or merchant cash advances designated specifically for business use.

Here at Bizzy Funding, we’re well-versed in the unique challenges and needs of small businesses. That’s why we’ve tailored our financial solutions to be as accessible and supportive as possible. Our offerings stand out thanks to a streamlined application process, transparent terms, and adaptable repayment plans, ensuring that small businesses can access the necessary funds at the right time.

The process begins with a simple application, allowing us to gain insights into your business. Once approved, our dedicated team springs into action, aiming to disburse your funds swiftly. Explore our range of financing solutions to find the perfect match for your business needs.

  • Accounts Receivable: Invoice factoring, often referred to as accounts receivable financing, enables companies to convert outstanding invoices into instant cash.
  • Asset-Based Lending: Asset-based financing leverages a company’s assets as collateral to secure ongoing business funding. This approach enables borrowing to meet investment needs or cover operational expenditures.
  • Business Lines of Credit: A line of credit for businesses offers a versatile financial solution, operating on a revolving mechanism. This option equips companies with a predetermined sum of operational funds, accessible at any time as required. Utilized effectively, a business line of credit can serve as a financial buffer for unforeseen expenditures, offering stability to cash flows in periods of diminished business activity.
  • Business Acquisition Loans: If you’re eyeing the purchase of an established business but lack the necessary funds upfront, securing a loan can be a viable solution to finance the acquisition. Essentially, a business acquisition loan serves as financial support to acquire a company.
  • Business Term Loans: Perfect for acquiring funds through a single disbursement, offering predictable repayments and defined conditions. Small business loans serve as an excellent solution for overcoming temporary cash flow shortages, investing in individual equipment acquisitions, seizing new ventures, or finalizing major projects.
  • Equipment Financing: Securing the essential equipment is pivotal for your business’s success. There are occasions when the necessary funds for upgrading vital machinery or tools aren’t readily available. This is where our services prove invaluable. We offer equipment financing options designed to empower businesses with the means to acquire the necessary equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operations and continued growth.
  • Merchant Cash Advance: A merchant cash advance offers valuable flexibility for businesses, tailoring repayments to fluctuate in harmony with credit card sales or other receivables. This makes it an appealing option for businesses seeking adaptable financial solutions.
  • Small Business Loan: An SBA loan is a type of financing for small businesses characterized by its low fees and long-term repayment plan, with a portion of the loan backed by government guarantee. It’s designed to support business-related expenses.

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